What are the various ways to integrate my curated content in a website or blog (Wordpress, Wix etc.) and what are their respective benefits?

Integrating your curated content into your website can have different benefits: 

- increase engagement with your existing website visitors,
- boost SEO and acquire new visitors who are interested in your business, 
- redirect your social media traffic to your website,
- generate leads from your curated content.

If you subscribed to Scoop.it's Business plan, here are your options to integrate your scoops into your website:

1. Embed Code

The topic embed code gives you a full-width embed for your entire topic to include in any webpage of your site. This is the easiest way to integrate Scoop.it content into your website and will primarily help increase engagement from your existing visitors.

Upgrade to Scoop.it Plus and start using the topic embed code today.

This feature is accessible from the Integration menu of your topic:

Click on "Generate Embed Code" to create the code that you can copy and paste into any webpage of your site.

2. Domain Hosting - Enterprise Licence (for more details contact us at business@scoop.it)

If your goal is also to acquire new visitors from SEO and social media, use Scoop.it's domain hosting feature will be convenient.

You will get the full benefits of your curated content on your web domain, including the ability for each individual scoop to have its unique URL indexed in search engines and be shareable by your readers through easy, 1-click social sharing buttons. Not only will you acquire new visitors but they will amplify your work by sharing your content on social media. Even better, by combining this option with customizable templates, you will also be able to drive traffic to other sections of your site and generate conversions and leads.

This feature is accessible from the Integration menu:

Need help? Here are detailed instructions.

Here's a Domain Hosted topic example:

3. Wordpress Integration - Enterprise Licence (for more details contact us at business@scoop.it)  

If your website is on Wordpress, you can go further than domain hosting by efficiently organizing both your created and curated content within the same Wordpress site. 

When you integrate a Scoop.it topic to WordPress, your scoops will be published on your website as blog posts. The featured image you chose in Scoop.it and your insight will, of course, be reflected in the final article.
If you want to share on social media, your posts will redirect to your Wordpress blog (as opposed to your Scoop.it topic). 

Note: You will only be able to publish in the "Scoop.it" category. If you're interested in posting into different categories, check out our marketing automation software Content Director.

This feature is accessible from the Integration menu:

Need help? Here is our guide to set up the WordPress integration. If you're having issues with the integration, you can read our troubleshooting article.

NB: About API Integration

Scoop.it's API is the most powerful way to integrate curated content into any website. The API lets you access your curated content stream in raw format so that you can display your scoops exactly the way you want and where you want on your website.

We offer API access with Content Director. If you're interested in adding the API to your Plus plan, please contact api@scoop.it.




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