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What the Firetruck
Game Bytes

Play as a fire truck in a web-based, fire mayhem game created for Ludum Dare competition.

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Elixir is a dynamic, functional language designed for building scalable and maintainable applications.
Working with GitHub's open data · Learn with GitHub
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Working with GitHub's open data · Learn with GitHub

June 04, 2020 • Online

GitHub is home to some fascinating open data sets. In this session, we’ll explore a collection of these data sets and how you can use them to enhance your applications. Join on on June 4th at 13:00 PT.
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gnunicorn commented Apr 23, 2020

The comments around from_seed_slice specify that this is a dangerous method only to be used for testing, however the upper of Pair uses it without that information passed on and the client is using the same functionality to generate the tests keys for Alice, Bob, etc.

We should clarify the documentation to clearly stated under which circumstances this features is to be expected to be us

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Stop losing time to flaky tests

Invest time eliminating flaky tests, not tracking them. BuildPulse shines a spotlight on your most disruptive tests, so you know exactly where to focus first for maximum impact.

Fix flaky tests faster with one-click access to the build logs and the code. Quickly see what's failing and why.

Keep your test suite healthy. Detect new flaky tests before they have a chance to fester.

Get started in just a few minutes.

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goldbergyoni commented Jan 26, 2020

Given the immense popularity of Docker and the need to harden it different per platform (see ideas below) - we'd like to start writing a Docker best practices section.

You're welcome to contribute ideas and write best practices - writing and brainstorming will people is an amazing way to deepen your Docker understanding.

At first, we want to collect ideas for best practices, solidify a list

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ahmedelgabri commented Jan 13, 2020

A bit of context, we introduced swr two weeks ago to our codebase. Everything is working fine, but we started to get some reports about some parts of the app being broken in slightly older browsers (Chrome 49, Firefox 59, Edge 18, etc…)

We found out that swr was causing a syntax error in these browsers because webpack by default picked the ESM build (rightly so) but because it's not transp

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rpkilby commented Jun 19, 2019

Jumping to a subsection via the sidenav will sometimes cause the page header to overlap the anchor point. When navigation is working correctly, there's a perceptible flicker/jump, so I'm guessing javascript is being used to calculate the offsets. Looking at mkdocs's docs, this isn't an issue. I'm wondering if this is something that will be fixed by upgrading mkdocs (#6623), or if it's a theme issu

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Cloud 66 Skycap

Skycap is a container-native Continuous Delivery Pipeline. It takes your code from any git repository, and allows you to build your image in a reliable, secure, and repeatable way.

Skycap runs your Docker build workflow step by step for multiple images. It comes complete with an intuitive UI & private Docker repository.

Combine with Maestro for an end-to-end solution.

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